Sunday Service @ 10:00 a.m

2102 Main Street Bridgeport, CT 06606


Who we ARE

Whether you are searching for a new church home or just looking for a port in the storm, you will receive a warm welcome!

We have been a presence on the corner of North and Main in Bridgeport, Connecticut since 1891. We are part of the United Church of Christ. For more information about the UCC history, governance and traditions click here.

Olivet Congregational Church is a family-sized, urban congregation that “does a lot with a little”. We are a diverse, welcoming community of faith that enjoys local mission work, sharing our facility and participating in shared ministries. We care deeply for one another. We are small but mighty.

Our Beliefs & Commitments

  • Proclaim Jesus Christ and His Gospel
  • Build a Christian fellowship in the community through worship
    supporting Christian Education of not just youth but all members and friends
  • Service to those in need both locally and globally
  • Work with other communities of faith to promote peace and justice


Time for us to be together and supported by one another is just as important as our worship service and time spent on missions. We feel being there for one another is part of our ministry. Sometimes our coffee hour lasts longer than the service and we love potlucks!

Thank you, Rev. Carolyn

Olivet was so blessed to have
Rev. Carolyn Young become part of our family. When her official time with us came to an end, she was gifted with a blanket containing photos of our time together. She truly helped our “beacon of light” continue to shine.

Annual Yankee Swap

Bring something you no longer want and hope to leave with something you do want! The only requirements are to ooh and ahh and swap when asked!

Celebrations and Potlucks