Book Study "Thirst" Poems by Mary Oliver

Thought for the Week
from Pastor Lisa

Summer Reading

If you like nature and appreciate all it has to offer, if you like poetry, if you consider yourself a seeker, consider joining us. We will be reading "Thrist" a book of poems by Mary Oliver.



Thought for the Week

In the United Church of Christ Statement of Faith, it states that Jesus “calls us into his church, to accept the cost and joy of discipleship..”  This week, I invite you to reflect on your faith – its cost and joy, what it means to you, how you may have turned to God during the ups and downs of your life, and how you see God acting in and through your life. As you do, I invite you also reflect on these words of St. Francis of Assisi, “Preach the Gospel at all times.  If necessary, use words.”


Blessings of Faith and Joy,                                                                                                                         Pastor Lisa

We are putting our Psalm Series on hold for the summer.  Anyone who is interested is invited to participate in our Summer Reading.                                Are you interested in reading a good book this summer? Do you like poetry that is simple and engaging? Well, this summer we have decided to read some of Mary Oliver’s poems from her book, “Thirst.” If you are a fan of nature and a spiritual seeker, I’m sure you will appreciate this book. 

If you would like us to order a book for you, please let the church office know or email me directly.

We will discuss the book beginning in September, either after worship or some evening.  You will even be able to join us on Zoom.

Blessings of Meaningful and Fun Reading!

Pastor Lisa


On Sunday August 14th, we filled 10 backpacks for children in foster care through Covenant to Care.  Then we prayed this blessing.


God of Wisdom,

Thank you for this new school year – the opportunity for children to learn, to grow in knowledge and confidence, to re-connect with old friends and make new ones.

Bless this year and those friendships, may they be positive and encouraging. 

God, bless this new school year.


Thank for the students who will receive these backpacks.  Bless them with curiosity and fun. Help them learn that asking questions is often as important as giving the answers. Bless them as they make mistakes; that they learn patience with themselves and the importance of trying again. Keep them safe and healthy.

God, bless these students.


Thank you for these backpacks. Let the books they carry give knowledge.  Let the pencils, crayons, paper and glue enable the students to share their thoughts and their creativity. Let the food these backpack carry nourish students’ bodies as their classes nourish their minds.

God, bless these backpacks.


Thank you for all who help children in school – teachers, librarians, aides, bus drivers, custodians, crossing guards and administrators.  Give them wisdom, energy, patience and understanding. Grant them compassion on difficult days and a sense of humor all days. Let them know their work and their love for students is valuable and appreciated. Keep them safe and healthy.

God, bless all who help children in school.


Thank you for parents and guardians, especially foster parents. Bless them with energy to support their children when they themselves are tired. Give them a sense of humor on difficult days. Help them smile and share joy when their children make small steps forward.  Help them offer support and hope when their children struggle.  Give them love on all days. Keep them healthy and safe.

God, bless parents and guardians.


We ask all this in the name of Jesus; who called little children to himself and blessed them, who loves all people, and teaches us about God’s great love.  Amen






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