The City of Bridgeport has reached out to Olivet Church . The City has asked this pastor if we have parishioners who are Bridgeport residents or know of Bridgeport residents who want to get the COVID vaccine. The City is coordinating clinics and even has individuals who administer the vaccine who make visits to homebound individuals. The vaccine is free . All you need to do is show an ID – a driver’s license, state ID or city ID card. (The city ID card is free, even if someone is undocumented or homeless or can’t afford another ID. A city ID card may be obtain at City Hall, at 999 Broad Street.) If you have an insurance card, you are asked to bring that. You will not be billed. You will not be turned away if you do not have insurance.

Do you know someone in need of the vaccine? They can call 203-576-7993 for information, to schedule an appointment and even get transportation.

Do you know someone who is struggling financially , in need of food or assistance with housing or heat? They can call 211 and get information on housing, soup kitchens, food pantries, and other assistance that they might be eligible for.

If you are in need of immediate assistance, you may call the City of Bridgeport, Emergency Operations Center at 203-579-3829.
(This is not for emergency medical treatment. For that call 911)

The City of Bridgeport and we at Olivet Congregational Church, UCC want to help you, your
neighbors or your friends in need. Let us do that.

God Bless You!
Pastor Lisa

Olivet’s Poster Boy
with his
vaccination card.
A shining example-
protecting ourselves
and others.